Monday, December 03, 2007

social networks of social network researchers?

everyone's talking about social nets -but we've been here before several times - the
original fancy 6 degrees of separation of milgram and axelrod and social games, and even nash. then the out-of-work theoretical physicists bored with too many string theories, started to look at the degree distribution of the AS level of the internet and the linkages in the web, and even the encounters and popularity of nodes in cellular and Wi-Fi nets. now we are trying to put it all together in some sort of network science (which has obvious bio/medical applications as well as anti-terrorism, economics, and transport planning).....

so how long is it before someone decides to do a bibliometric study of social network
papers/authors? surely we can see where the gaps are and choose those as alliances to form to probvide for more robust research groupings (mixnets by design)...

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