Monday, December 03, 2007

post human auto-uploading

so reading more posthuman (upload mind to swarm computer embedded at qumatum level in matter throughout solar system) speculative literature, there are appear to be a few missing considerations
1. not only do you need enough MIPS and storage to run a virtual human (and their sensorum) you need logging and backup
2. latency is going to be a major question - maybe one would replicate the virtualised person across multiple sites and run them in paralelle, and then synch them up every now and then - interesting problems with consistency (and reconciling differences) would then occur
3. one would need a "virtual human hosting" economy

indeed, many of the ideas conceived in the Xen (oh, server) work would apply equally well in this world - perhaps the Sci Fi writers who write this kindah stuff are not quite as hip as they think, even though they do cite Scottish Samba Punk bands:)
(come to think of it, the Spider SYstems folks in Bloco Vomit is a very very old story too:)

alas, alackaday, that we now see "retrospective" speculative, extropian literature:)

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