Friday, September 29, 2006

A True History of the Internet

Today, I am mostly combatting nonsense talked about Net Neutrality. The Net was never neutral. We revel in difference, and some of that difference leads to differentiation. In an ecosystem, differentiation leads to diversity, which leads to strength. Notwithstanding the metcalfe's "law" idea, not being about to do the same thing to everyone is NOT necessarily a Bad Thing - actually, peer groups abound,

let us cease incessant banter about net neutrality, and instead embrace and expend the new one true end2endless vision of:

Net Mutrality


so i couldn't hope noticing that the old photonics lab on the 2nd
floor has now been taken over by the new
Computer Architecture Group
which appears to have formed by stealth
(seems like a Good Thing to me tho)

but the category (* Architecture Group)
had me thinking
(just re-reading Lakoff on Women, Fire and Dangerous Things)
maybe it would be useful to re-cast all the groups in the lab in this
form as a gedanken experiment:

Network Architecture Group
Language Architecture Group
Wetware Architecture Group
Architecture Theory Group (*)
Math Architecture Group
Badware Architecture Group
Software Architecture Group
Technologies Architecture Group
(*) or, perhaps, Meta Architecture Group

we could also "theme" groups - e.g.
Sustainable Networks Architecture Group
Sustainable Hardware Architecture Group
Sustainable Languages Architecture Group

then we could also have meta-groups (Kabbals?)

such as the
Software Wetware And Languages Kabbal

we could then be the Faculty of Architectures
which means we could have FAB meetings
of course' we'd have to get a pink rolls royce
for the FAB secretary - who volunteers to drive it?

[The old groups are at:
research groups and the old car
is also online at:
sentient van

etc etc


First there was A Log (e.g. artithemetic logarithims, or perhaps simply fallen branches of an AVL tree), then there was Blog (e.g. we belong with n's), but finally, there is now C Log.

Clogging is to neurolinguistic programming what blogging is to anaesthesia.

One day, scripts will be available (presumably written in F#) to shred clogs, perhaps this will become known as flogging, perhaps not.

Who knows why the luminous?