Monday, December 10, 2007

five degrees of seperation - make it so

so someone on facebook is trying to reach everyone else to run a "complete"
six degrees of seperation experiment (given the original experiement only counted people that answered and used postage, both of these guys are severeely misled if they think they aer doing science - ever heard of random samples, or control groups, guys?)

anyhow, my goal is one better. social scientists tell us that since time immemorial, humans have gathered in grooming groups (tribes, clades, etc) of around 150 members. But now we have technology, we could make the _degree_ that a given person can handle much much higher - already, electronic address books let us handle, remember, and outcast far more people than in olden days with long tedious letter writing by candlelight, smoke signals, or even (god forbid) sunday afternoon tea.

So I want to start tht "five degrees" of seperation movement- we will bring the world one step closer together - this will, of course, bring about prosperity and world peave and banish hunger, ignorance, and english weather along with most illnesses.

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LoopZilla said...

You know that URI's on the Interweb have feeling too? And that they have eleven degrees of separation? Let us not forget these lonely nodes, and also hope to measure and maybe improved their connectedness!