Thursday, July 19, 2018

AI and ML Ethics for a Sane Society

AI and ML Ethics for a Sane Society - The AIMLESS Manifesto.

No human shall be diminished by Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning.

In the presence of artifice, humans shall always retain agency.

An Artifice shall be legible.

A new artifice shall only be introduced if succesful in negotiation with any humans concerned.

Ownership of Artifical Intelligence shall not
be permitted to powerful individuals or organisations.

Know that the AI shall not break things, before it is allowed.

The AI shall not know things that are unknowable to any human.

Emergence shall be curtailed until it is comprehended by humans.

To conclude:
A little Machine Learning is a dangerous thing,
but the Butlerian Jihad went too far

Friday, May 11, 2018

The road towards self driving bicycles

There are a number of good arguments for why we need self driving bicycles, and here I outline what i feel are the leading ones.

velib/borisbike/copenhagen bikes etc all suffer from 2 problems
1/ the bikes often all end up on on side of a city if it rains in the afternoon (or bottom of a hill) . and need "rebalancing" for the next day - this means picking them up in trcks and driving them around.
imagine if the bikes could self-re--balance -

A side effect of the bikes being powered and able to navigate  is that people might use them to go up hill, or use power to help when wearing nice clothes and not wishing to get sweaty. plus they wouldn't need to know their way - the bike would tell them.

2/ bikes would act as calming for cars - and this would include self-driving bikes moving back to their default constellation - would slow down all those rat running crazy petrolheads doing 30 in a 20kph zone.

3/ the self driving bikes could be used ethically to train self driving cars not to run over cyclists

4/ if we can't make self-driving bikes work, there's no hope of making delivery drones or self-driving cars ever fly.

n.b. a fairly simple prototype could be built by getting drones to sit on the handlebars and stabilize the bike, and steer along the road - the drone could be equipped with fairly simple grips to do this - i think this could be a nice undergrad group project...

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

blockchain - what really needs to be immutable?

you know, the only thing we really should record in the blockchain, is the sequence of replicated state machine messages - everything else should be off chain. that way we can have mutable content, change our minds, delete stuff etc - all these will just be new runs of the state machine and its recorded consensus...

Saturday, March 17, 2018

How to review papers you havn't even read

with apologies to Pierre Bayard, Id like to discuss this important topic. We all have far too little time, especially since we've been busy striking - and of course it is a well known fact like everything from extinct dinosaurs to internet lol-cats, has a long tail so most papers live down the end of that tail where they've only been read by two people, the author and the first reviewer.

I'd  now like to propose  two improvements

improvement 1. promote reviewer number 2 to reviewer number one, and dispense with the need for anyone reviewing the paper - why bother? no-one else will read it, so what's the purpose of quality control. if it is one of those incredibly rare papers (and you can turn the handle on Zipf as well as me), that gets a real reader, they can determine if the paper is any good for themselves. what good did the review do? we know this already  with films and music - reviewers are a waste of time, and frequently completely misidentify what is good and bad (how many A&R guys didn't hire the beatles? how many readers dismissed JK Rowling's books ? boy must they have low self esteem:)

improvement 2. why should the author read the paper? This has already been discussed in Bayard's excellent book on how to talk about books you havn't even read. I havn't read it, but I can say with authority that the idea of someone who is identified as the author talking about their  book which they didn't even author, with great authority is one of the latter inspiring examples - if this can work for fiction, surely it should work even better for factual writing?

dear reader, thank you for getting this far