Friday, November 26, 2010

Week 7 - to Nov 26 - Got to Traffic Management.

Looks like we won't make it to the
Optimisation Theory and LP material this year -

I will wrap up on Monday 29th Nov
with last part of Traffic Management,
and an overview of what I've covered.

That will be the last lecture for Principles of Communications.

Students that are very keen can read the slide-ware on Optimisation and on LP - I am happy to answer questions on it too.

Students interested in the lower levels of physical/link layer may want to take the Digital SIgnal Processing course by Markus Kuhn next term (see here. Students interested in networking performance (and systems in general) may well want to go to Richard GIbbens' course on Computer Systems Modelling which covers a number of these topics in more theoretical depth. If really keen, please sign up for the new Part III, which will be running next year.

Note that next year, Information theory will be taught separately (again), which may make the amount of theory material in PrincComm slightly more tractable.

Friday, November 19, 2010

week 6 - to Nov 19 - Got to end of Switching

Next week, to cover
Shared Media
Capacity of Multihop net
Traffic Management

Then final week, will ust get to do optimisation and LP hopefully:)

n.b. to supervisors and students:- i've put a couple more links to some online information about
control theory, graph theory and some of the sources have worked problems...
see slides page for course

Friday, November 12, 2010

Week 5 - Nov 12 - end with Control Theory

Today, noticed that the wikipedia article on this is pretty good, but most especially nice is that it cites an 1868 Royal Society paper from the Royal Society by James Clerk Maxwell, which not only mentions Mr Watt's Steam Engine, but Mr J Thomson's experiments (noting that our building is between JJ Thomson Avenue and James Clerk Maxwell Road:)

Next week, we should cover
Shared Media Access

[The paper above also mentions a Mr Siemens!]

Friday, November 05, 2010

Week 4 Friday November 5th - Principles of Communications Progress

Today, we'll cover Queueing Theory. So that completes network layer stuff
(graphs, routing, errors, queueing)

Note in the printed (and old online pdf) queuing theory slides, there was a font error on some slides with \rho being rendered as ~n.
I've fixed it on the PDFs online (its ok in the ppt). apologies (again).

Next week we start on Flow Control, and hopefully get up to control theory.