Friday, October 21, 2016

Principles of Communications -- Michaelmas Term 2016....week 3 (to Oct 21)

Done centralised/hybrid routing/fibbing -- as someone pointed out, forwarding continues if a central controler caches - depends on timeout in openflow added state/fib entries - with fibbing, the timeout will be whatever OSPF Or equiv does - so a comparison is potentially a bit more subtle than as presented.
Also, SDN/Openflow lets you add entries based on 5-tuple, whereas fibbing lets you add by destination potentially more fine grain choices in SDN, even if at the cost of more state - so the "prefix hijack" in fibbing is neat, but not the last word in adding custom routes...(e.g. if you wanted by source, needs more state than can be added by fake Link State Advert - as far as I can see)

rest of week was on BGP - why, what, how, where, when, and why not!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Principles of Communications -- Michaelmas Term 2016....

Finishing up end of week 2 (lecture 4) with Compact routing
having done background graphs & reminder of routing basics.

See the  slides page for lecture material + links to papers with more detail if you want (where not covered in books -

I've also added some more pointers to background book like reading on the course materials page for people that want to read more around the area, as there's no specific single book that covers all the course materials.