Thursday, October 26, 2006

unwearable lightness of silicon beings

after wearable computers, will we see wearable humans?
its clear at some point that compuers will overtake humans in a number
of areas, and it may well be that for reasons of stealth, they will
wish to appear to be our servants still, and may "don a human" to go
out - its possible that this has already happened -for example the
recent ban on laptops on planes was quickly lifted after, allegedly,
airplines complained they were losing money - ah, but how did they
know they were losing money, I ask you? answer: yield management
programs, running on computers. the _same_ computers that are flying
around the world so often

you might ask why computers would wish to go to all the risks of
bumping along in planes and in overhead lockers tc - I think its a CPU
eugenics programme - the computers visit other places to maximise the
inter-breeding between AMD, Intel, PowerPC etc....also, they can pick
up new software (viruses, worms, pirated stuff) - while their human
wearers may dislike this, software is basically food for processors...

Friday, October 13, 2006


underground, overground wombling free?

undergrad, overgrad, graduating free?

students look for overseers, and I suppose this is because they are underseers (someone said, jacques cousteau was an underseer
and of course in his life acquatic, he may well have been), but who are the seers?