Monday, April 30, 2007

vanity, all is vanity, or else its strings, that's my theory

podcast of april 2007
with me in....lord knows why:)

So the musical intro was "interesting" - allegedly, Bowie's Jean Genie (sic) was based on the life of Jean Genet (bit of a reach that - but possible - there was a ballet called our lady of the flowers based on work of Jean Genet which used a bunch of 1970s glam rock, and was choreographed by Lindsay Kemp a while back, and he's a Bowie chum according to fanzines of the time. However, I don't see many netheads or internet geeks knowing that (I do, but I am extremely weird (TM)). Also, as i said, its spelled wrong. Also, I dont know if US congress would like being associated with a notorious french
convicted murderer who wrote rather louche poetry and was extremely aggressively gay (hey, not me that has a problem, but just pointing out some un-reconstructed reborn americans might have "issues"), and was really championed by some rather weird french (freedom) fried people like Sartre....

Perhaps we should ask the guardian to podcast the song by Brian Quinn written for the American Medical Association, about Henrik Celine in his Golden Submarine, out to catch the Illuminati. After all, there's just as good a link to technology, and its got all sorts of other nice associations including the barking mad Ken Campbell's Liverpool Science Fiction Theatre's non stop 8 hour production of the Illuminatus Trilogy, but I can't recall what this has to do with GENI. Oh yes, GENI in the LAMP; LAMP Illuminates; illuminati; imanantize the eschaton; QED.

some folks
say that there's this rule about prime producers, secondary snesationalists and couch potatoes - while this observation might be historically right, the lowering of the barrier to entry by things like garageband+myspace, or youtube+webcams, shifts the distribution in favour of more people contributing. Note Bene - shifting the distribution beyond a certain point may result in a phase shift or emergent property - for example if the distribution causes tipping of the market towards a change in "ownership laws" or there are "flash creationists" or some other new-scary-thing happens that will delight and discombobulate us.
meanwhile, here's a mad idea: can we model wireless mobile ad hoc networks using
String Theory?

go on: you know it makes sense: you saw it here first.

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