Saturday, April 28, 2007

just one pixel, but 1 billion pounds?

so everyone knows the million pound web page where the guy sold
pixels for a pound each...
and very imaginative it was too...

so i'm interestged in a 1 pixel sale - how many different ways could i
sell a single pixel (lets cheat a bit and make it 24 bit trucolor)

over space (it could be different depending whoo looks at it from what
IP address dmain, it could be _overlayed, or xord with some or all
pixels on another page)
over time - can i sell it for a period, meaningfully - is there some
neat dutch or english auction i can run

can i create a schedule so that the use of the single pixel plus its
sequene of values might be nice

can i write a game based on a single pixel

are there steganographic ways to use the pixel, or covert signaling,
or can i combine all the above

suggestions on a (1 pel) postcard...

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