Wednesday, April 18, 2007

shared media denial of service based scheduler

so if we have a shared medium wireless net, we could arrange for a bunch of senders to send "busy idle" traffic (instead of doing some central scheduler) on a set of periodic frequcnies that are distributed over time such that the channel has effectively infinite variance use. in this case someone wishing to use it is dened any useful service unless they first ask one of the senders to give up their channel, and then get that instead to send on - the idea is that I have to pay someone out of the current "incumbents" to stop sending, so I can - this has two effects
1. the payment is distributed
2. cheating is very very hard

this can be done with fairly poor clocks, since the timescales i am talkign about are TCP retransmit/rtt estimation, or RTP playout buffer estimation algorithm times - so we can make the channel effecttiley useles for anythign other than 1 shot traffic (which is allowed as it is used to request capacity off of another sender by a newbie) because the algorithms would be completely screwed up by the jitter from waiting for a non busy channel....(note it isn';t really "busy" but it looks like it is)....

safety in randomness?

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