Tuesday, April 24, 2007

democracy in wireless action:bluemuting and powerpoinlessness

so here's two ideas for democray in wireless nets

1. in a meeting in stead of having 1. a power struggle for plugging in laptops to mains, and 2. a power struggle getting your laptop to talk to the projector, or to the session chair's USB memory stick to then transfer tyo her laptop to plug into the VGA( Daft bloody cable, almost as bad as SCART), why not have the projector have WiFi (some do, but of course, be aware of the alleged health risks:-). and then have it understand a simple protocol (e.g. VNC) and then give people a USB memory stick with an autoexect program which, when they THINK they are transferfring trheir PPT to the memory stick, atually sends it over the wifi to the "shared space" and then lets anyone project it over wifi and then there would be a "floor control" protocol to says who actually has the projector output "channel" (i.e. the floor) right now - in really exciting meetings, severa prople could scribble at once on the visiable version of th shared space

2. voting to turn off people's phones/noise on laptops - all machines should advertise the ring tone.mode they are in (including windows boot songs) and then people in a room can click on an icon to vote to turn off the soun - if enough people vote (e.g. 2, or say (n+1)/2) to turn it off, off it goes...
til they are out of bluetooth/wifi range


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