Saturday, May 10, 2008

physcally hierarchical/nested flash memory - matryoshka usb sticks?

so say i have a 5 year old 128M usb memory stick , and i have a 2 year old 1G and a 1 year old 8G - why can't i stack them? couldn't i "write thru" - so I plug the newsest biggest one into the USB slot and it has a microusb conenctor on the bac and i plug the middle one in there, and that has a nano-usb connector, and I plug the oldest smallest one in there:

laptop <=usb 2===>8G stick<===microusb===> 1G stick <=== nanousb===> 128M

why? trade off in write time v. capacity?
redundency and so on...

marketting - easy- just paint them with freiendly russian traditional scenes like the dolls

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