Thursday, May 08, 2008

naming conventions (for research projects)

so i just posted an answer on the blog to where the name (abbreviation) xen came from - while we are there, metarouting (tim griffin's fine project to replace hand crufted routing protocol code was a local idea too...this project is not quite at the take-over-the-world stage, but it is getting there with recent heroic implementation work. A related work is mark handley (et al)'s XORP open source router project. Although the metarouting gang switched to using Quagga for some pragmatic reasons, other projects (e.g. with Lancaster) have combined xen and xorp for virtualisation of routers - indeed, many US people are trailing this work (for a change:)

also fun is david greaves' work on systems that are corect by design - see

his blog on current work on tools and methods

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