Friday, May 16, 2008

laptop v. smartphone

so i've been traveling a lot recently and carry a v old (crusoe) based vaio small lapto p- it is about 7-8 years old and runs win ME or Linux 2.4.17:)

I also carry an HTC touch

the security folks in airports always ask me to take out the laptop - occasionalyl they dont notice it, but they never ask about the phone - the phone has a faster processor, 4 times as much memory and a faster wireless interface....and about 6 times the battery life..on the other hand it is 7 years newer (and 4 times cheaper)....

luckily, i only have to carry one charger for both:)

once again, the staff in the aircraft and airports annoyed the *** out of me by using phrases like "once again" when they havnt said anything before, and also "last remaining" when they mean "remaining" or "last"...

it took me 9 hours to get from stockholm to london last night due to the airtraffic control being down in amsterdam - distributed systems (what is the definition of a ...) hah!!!

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