Friday, June 19, 2009

quantum networking...

I just got back from madrid where we had a nice dinner in Real Madrid's home stadium restuarant. the event was IMDEA's seminar n qunatum networking and had some seriously interesting talks from

Chip Elliott, BBN Technologies, USA
has a real operational QKD net in Cambridge Mass

Matthieu Legr?, id Quantique, Switzerland
works for a company that sell working QKD kit

Michele Mosca, Inst. of Quantum Computing, Canada
runs this institute in Waterloo which does the whole thing (incl QC algorithmics)

Emina Soljanin, Bell Labs, USA
very clear theorist with clean models of things like quantum multicast

Paolo Villoresi, Univ. of Padova, Italy
QKD over satellite and other free space (i.e. non photonic/fiber) based channels!

i had 4 bad ideas during the meeting
1. have a classical resource model of qunatum resources for the classically challenged
2. QKD satellelites could provide eye in the sky secure control plane
3. QZKP and other interesting zero knowledge or shared secret stuff, homomrphic hashes, quantum watermarks)
4. what's the Qbit rate for a multihop free space qunatum channel?

my proposal is to get the physicists to do this under some bogo-banner (e.g. Quntum Grid)

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