Wednesday, February 18, 2009

gaussian elimination, revokation, and other CS activities this week

1. Gaussian Elimination

this week I was in Gottingen visiting Xiaoming Fu's group in informatics (for PhD exam and seminar) - I was most impressed with the telekom groups research in multicast (fast recovery), mesh nets, network coding, and security and congestion control - neat stuff. On the other hand, they used to be in the Gauss building but were eliminated from there:-)

While there I saw a BBC World News item on TV where they reported that Fermi Labs claimed they would beat CERN in finding the God Particle (delusion) and that this would explain why matter had mass. The main news reader said this with confidence and then turned to the reporter who was presenting the next item, world economic news. All she had to say is "this is beyond me/over my head" - not surprising then that the world economy is in such a mess if people claiming to be experts don't understand the first thing in simple science. As I've said before, it is insufficient to say "letting allthe banks go broke is unacceptable because it would lead to chaos" - what do we have now if it is not chaos ( is a term in process algebras of course, but few economists would understand those)

2. (Think about the Lavender Hill Mob) Eiffel

Then today I was in an Eiffel meeting talkin about various future internet mad ideas - here's two of mine

1/ run SETI@home on Twitter - see if a) there's any intelligence out there and b) if its not all human

2/ google is not really a program written by humans - its actually a programme written by an AI called Altavista - the worldwide receession was casued by google giving wrong data to share dealers about the future stability of companies products and services and causing them to trade incrrectly - the AI decided that the world war III was necessary to stimulate lots of work on faster AIs and eliminating humans at the same time would be a neat side effect (apologies to samuel delaney - this is a Free Plotware(TM) suggestion). Of course, if this allegation was true, then google would never lead you to sites that when you followed a link said "404" = it would be necessary for it to create the site it understood you to want:)

3. Face-off book:)

facebook think they own and and keep your data, even if you leave and die

well, here's my solution - I already put incorrect facts on my online social net pages to reduce the risk of identity theft - if I close my account (as I have done on some) in UK (and I think EU and US) law I can ask them to correct these facts - I can prove _some_ of the data they have is wrogn (e.g. my birth date, middle name etc) and I can prove it to a third party - but I can also refuse to tell them the right fact. Thus their only recourse to get wrogn data off their system, is to delete the false data.

Game over.

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