Wednesday, February 11, 2009

digital lives and the wild...

Today I was at the 3rd (last) day of the
Digital Lives conference at the BL in London, and jolly interesting it was too.....

1. very nice talk on Mass Oversation Archive from Sussez - fascinating history on very long running society as observers, and how things changed between 1930s technology and social acceptance/use, and today's near-blogging based approach...

2. Wendy Hall could emember meeting David Beckham n 9/11 but couldn't quite recall the name of the Pleasantville like Jim Carrey vehicle, the Truman Show (neither could I without cyber help) in a relevant talk about M4L

3.Excellent talk from the Centere for Longitudinal Research (no, not Harrington clocks)
and how to keep a project going for > 50 years!

4. Interesting view on the future of scientific publishing from Nature! (see earlier blog entry from yesterday!)

5. Big Ad from Amazon about Cloud computing

6. Really cool talk from Soton/ about fan-generated content - thesis has cool social graphs of the fan/author and interest groups- (thesis from southampton, author now with staff at royal irish academy)

7. me

8. nice talk on vera (virtual field archaeology) - well worth a looksee for people worried about robust kit for adversarial environments for inputting analog data but capturing it in usable digital form...

9 peter bentley standard "here is evolutionary computing and what it is good for" talk

10. fantastic talk about artistic capture (manaual, not computer based) of the writing of Jack Kerouac, with then computer visualisation of structures generated - very crazy in a good way!

then I had to go:)

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