Tuesday, July 08, 2008

sex and drugs and rock´n roll and social networks

so i´ve been reading the fine book by ELizabetn Pisani called
THe Wisdom of WHores
about aids which basically says most the money is wasted on targettng the wrong groups for the wrong reason (the words¨target and group are giveaways there).

but anyhow read it yourself to find out why the wrong groups are targetted and why africa is a mess but there are countries in africa that could be models of the right thing to do

meanswhile on a related topic of sex and drugs and rock and roll
it appears to me that there are only two legitimate kinds of sex
1- the kind the US moral majority approve of
2. the kind that people writing cool papers about get to study.

meanwhile, i´ve been thinking (line from a song - can you name it?):
see my fourthcoming talk at Coseners:

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