Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Network Science - paradigm shift or just business as usual?

I attended some of the network science 2008 event recently
(see web site in Norwich science park
for more info) - it was an interesting mix of people networking (socially:)

It is clear that there are nearly as many definitions of "network" as there are people in the event. Indeed, in one workshop, someone asked for a definition of the word
"model" as used by several speakers in the room, and got (I think) more definitions than people:-)

on the way back, I noticed a railway that was being "re-furbished"

I wondered who had furbished it in the first place? furbish is a word that I will associate forever with captain James T. Kirk because Wlliam Shatner's brother used to advertise things like refurbished cars on TV in Canada when I lived there.

If you can sell me a furbished web site, I'd give you 1 euro.

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