Friday, May 08, 2009

class hierarchy and facebook

I've just got facebook on my Windows mobile 6 phone

next to my friends who have iPhones, I feel pretty sad

and next to the folks here who haev snazyy android phones, I feel somewhat sad

windows mobile = working class
android = middle class
iPhone = upper class

This is inline with th immortal Cleese, Barker, Corbett class sketch from pre-python years....

Monty-Haskell, anyone?

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Unknown said...

The Xperia Panel version is quite nice but almost unusably slow.
Windows Mobile lacks the glossy sheen of the iPhone OS and Android, but that's to be expected from an operating system launched over nine years ago!
Perhaps it would be better to classify them by age instead?
Windows Mobile = Middle aged
iPhone = Tweenager
Android = Pre-pubescent teenager