Monday, April 13, 2009

Computational thinking

so there's a school of thought that we need to get "commputational thinking" into the early school curriculum - on the other hand, I detect signs that quite a few building blocks of computational style thought are already part of the everyday mindscape - the notional of irony, post-modernism, and narrative tricks like the reverse memory plot in memento, or time travel paradoxes in Dr Who (or easter egg hacks in the famous Blink episode) do not cause the public to go "errrr, wot?" - they are all just part of the norm refs for kids and so i suspect it will be found quite easy (provided one does'nt do something horribly heavyhanded) to capture this in a small number of concepts that can be embedded in lots of other subjects...

on the other hand, everyone should learn to program at the same time as reading, writing and rythmetic and music.

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