Monday, March 23, 2009

TINA in Hong Kong

Later today, I'm presenting some work on the
Intelligent Networked Airport project
at a Cambridge Alumni event in Hong Kong at the
Polytechnic University

Aside from the slightly alarming jetlag, its a great place to visit! some more info of my home talks page

I also had a tour of CS in the PolyU and saw some excellent mobile/mesh demos, and a really cool biometric lab (with chinese medicine intergrated in biometric ID!), and a model car/ITS lab, plus of course Henry Chan's new lab for the airport work.

on the way back, i was pleased to be flying Air New Zealand who were not only cheap, but also very good - 30-40 films on a VOD system - including (what I watched)

twilight - kind of like Near Dark, but slightly better

4 xmases - reese withersoon vehicle - basically naff, but likeable - the bloke is very drop dead pan amusing

slumdog millionaire - i prefer the book, but the film doesn't pull many punches - very good

my best friend's girlfriend - great idea fairly well done (bloke messes up dates deliberately for money from ex-s who want their girlfriend back) _ typical hollywood bottleout ending ruins it.

happy-go-lucky - mike leigh movie in a good mood - simply awesome

body of lies - not as good as other recent sensible US movies in the middle east, but not bad at all.

enchanted - fabulous combination of animation and pretty camp live action in NY.

the day the earth caught fire - diabolical remake of classic story.

quantum of solace - bond - better than US government bond, but only just

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