Monday, December 01, 2008

DCII 1.12.08

there are moves afoot to replace the internet with something more friendly to data distribution (content distribution networks/redenzvous/publish-subscribe - it has lots of names) - a lot of it based on the observation that we have lots of consumers but also many many producers of (the same as well as different) content

Data oriented network architecture...

Translating Relaying Internet Architecture integrating Active Directories

Routing on flat labels

note - all are based on the view that some sort of directory is needed (think databases)

In dealing with network layer identifiers and the real world (as in ROFL above) we can take a more incremental approach, for which,

Putting all those ideas together with HIP (see earlier post), some folks have come up with PSIRP, the
Publish subscribe internet routing paradigm

You might ask, why not just implement multicast - this would need IPv6 at least as well due to lack of sufficient idenitifier space problems with IPv4 - however, multicast in the network layer has its own deployment problems:
Deployment issues for the IP multicast service and architecture
Diot et al

but also see:
A reliable multicast framework for light-weight sessions and
application level framing
, for how it does make a good match for content distribution!

in all the above, we've not mentioned performance guarantees, notice:-)

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