Monday, September 08, 2008

leaning towards pisa

I'm spending the week at CNR in
Pisa, with Andrea Passarella and Marco Conti and talking time out to see Pierpaulo Ghiggino at Ericsson/Marconi, and Luigi Rizzo in the University -

[note CNR is a posh national lab for research and has a very good interdisciplinary communications group; university of pisa has a very good classic style cs gang, which is why i blog it here:)

I have to say that pisa is basically heaven for weather, food and architecture - I am staying downtown right near the Arno but CNR Is out on the NE edge - so I walk through the town to the old city wall, then follow a 2000 year old aquaduct (oh, ok, so its medici, not roman - only 400 years old:)
out to CNR - through a pleasant park. On the way back, I stop for a beer and watch kids playing and read my e-mail - then I go out for a pizza in lucca (La Bersagliera) - later today, we hope to get to La Pelleria, which is another awesome restaurent in Lucca. [alas we didn't - we had to make do with some amazing place in town instead...)

the route in cameraphonepix

i dunno, but I could get used to this:)

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