Monday, August 11, 2008

i(t)rony and sterotyping the It crowd

THe IT crowd, the gadget show, tomorrows world, what are these programs ?
not funny. so why not? why is lab rats as good as it gets?
what is wrogn with people? see
for a youtube video on what happens if computers stop working. Now go watch southpark on the same topic

what is missing from the sterotypes is the rich ironical seam of daftness in the techie geek worldview - wht we need is the jeremy clarkson of the compsci world - we
need madness, horror, un-PC behaviour....all that kind of thing


Laura James said...

Maybe because making TV shows is annoyingly expensive :) even for basic shows. I'm still sitting on a very nice tech sitcom concept, would meet your reqts perfectly, just waiting on a few £10k to push it through some screenwriting and audience approval stuff... I haven't found a friendly VC willing to bung us the cash to get it moving yet. Any suggestions? :)

jon crowcroft said...

diy on myspace?