Wednesday, June 18, 2008

gravitational and inertial mass explained

so a puzzle slightly harder to explain than P=nP
to the no nscientist, and probably more important
is why gravitational and inertial mass are the same

so my theory is that mass is basically a concrete instantiation of information
(information, as it were, realized, or referent in the form of substance)

so the more information, the more mass (the more mass, the more information)

information breeds interpretation, and interpretation needs to "run"
and needs intelligence which runs on matter and is attracted to information
hence information (masses) attracts (and doesn't repel, whereas ignorance, or lack of information, does repel..)

so inertia is now easy to udnerstand - it is hard to change people's minds - the fact is that facts are things it is foolish to argue about. Hence facts have more inertia than opinions.
I.e. information not only has, but is, inertial and graviational mass.

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