Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Virgin Neutrality is a Load of Pollocks

So the head of virgin media says net neutrality is

a load of thingummybobs

Good for him. So as anyone will say, if you run a zero sum game, you better come up trumps. So if he intends to give more to people that pay more no matter where they go to, he better be prepared to explain why he is giving less to others. An alternative model of the world is to simple give people what
their line rate indicates they should get as a proportion of any current bottleneck,
like you get (mostly) today with TCP and the current IP world. Then there is the server side - I suppose virgin (like AT&T threatened to ) are goign to ask Google and Yahoo and CNN and BBC to cough up lots otherwise they'll throttle their traffic, and oh dear, where did all their customers go....

Of course, if you want to grab headlines, then making claims based in fantasy is great, but why not have a modicum of basis for them?

How about: "Virgin will give discounts to customers whose traffic was treated worse today"...?

that might take some business off of other ISPs...

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Simon Leinen said...

Methinks this is just an attempt to stir things up so that most of the evil Power Users leave for other ISPs. Maybe then Virgin wouldn't have to upgrade their network to fit actual user demand, as opposed to the demand that their brilliant bell-shaped network planners had projected - couple Mb/s "downstream" for short periods of time so that the plebs can watch some commercials, then a few b/s upstream so that they can send their credit card numbers to buy some stuff.