Wednesday, January 16, 2008

peer assisted power over DSL

for today's lesson in green networking, I'd like to consider the problem of
heat dissipation in the PoP, and a radical new approach.

YOu;ve heard of power over ethernet? You've heard of broadband over powerline?
You've heard of Peer-assisted TV?

Well, now we propose: Peer-assisted power over DSL.

Here's how it works.

Take away power from the DSLAM from the exchange building, and provide it from the consumer side - 900 consumeers per DSLAM should be plenty to run the whole thing - as in the old days, when telephones were powered by the exchange, we can certainly run
20 milliamps at 25 volts over a few hundred meters, per consumer - easily enough.
We then put sails and solar panels on peoples houses, and voila,
entirely electrically self-sufficient broadband.

If there is a drop in wind, or a cloudy day, some users can get on an excercise bike.
others can walk up and downstairs. Others can just reduce their downloads.

By decentralising the power suply, we make it more robust, and we make it much greener as we dont have to dissipate all that heat in one place, but it is naturally dispersed by the wind (in the sails)

We can even load balance power and data - it might be possible with AC to network
code the different components in the power too, together with multipath routing of power

multihoming would have to make sure that they got the polarity right (perhaps a BGP
option could be added to convey this?)

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