Tuesday, October 16, 2007

paris netro de plus en plus

networking in paris is as networked as networking in cambridge - so there's a
website for talks just like the talks in cambridge setup, and it includes interesting stuff I've been to including a very nice session at the Academie des Sciences on how new mathematics and computing are underpinning various other areas of technology and sciences...more later:)

so today for the 2nd time, I went to the Acadeie des scinces, last week was about informatics in science in france, and this week was for the Royal Society/Academie/Microsoft prize (to Gerorgio Parisi for work on supercomputers to do spin state complex optimisation w/ constraints stuff - most excellent)

but there was an engineered debate afterwards about "is computing just a tool ,or a science", and "is a computational proof acceptable"; and "where is the future of computing in science, in Europe"???

So all these questions can be asked just about science itself (is physics just a tool
or math (or math just a tool for physics) or chemistry just a tool for physics etc
and "is a proof by a human with a pencil and paper an acceptable proof"; and "what is the state of cosmology in europe, today"???

philosophy, or what....? but i suppose its entertainment before lunch:)

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