Friday, August 31, 2007

announcing the e-loo, the cell phone's friend

the ambient loo

it is time for us in the pervasive and ubiqutous computing
community to stop taking the piss, and invest in some decent

Toto(know, I know we are not in Kansas anymore) and UCL and Cambridge should
build an ambient loo - purpose - to stop the overly frequent loss of cell phones
caused by dropping them into the water when they are insecurely perched in shirt
pockets etc - a sensor in the loo would detect the falling cell phone (or the
phone could have an acceleromter like the nokia sports phone, and beacon when it
can tell it is alling) and the ooo would quickly swap the water out of the way,
and turn on the blow dryer to gentler lower the phone to the porcelain and allow
the user to retrieve it safely and cleanly

indeed it might even be a cell phone cleaning service

we could submit it to here (ian wakeman just noticed):-

andy hopper and mark weiser wwould be proud to know that
Calm, seamless and persuasive, and secure, private ubicomp was alive and well,
that collaborations between Japan and the UK are being taken very very seriously

Tristan adds (for Scotland): "Since this is Japanese technology, I think we need to add karaoke to
the mix. If you start singing a song while sat on the loo, the loo
uses a DTN to find the nearest ipod/stereo/server with the correct
song on it, and then starts spraying the water and blow dryer in time
to the music (bass drum and cymbal respectively)."

Signage might be as per Tristan's fine collection
of photos in kyoto's streets.

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